Dec 30

What a Wedding Planner Actually Does

The #1 question I hear in consults, from friends, and at family gatherings: “what do you actually do?”

In short, we do just about everything. But, I have found that’s not a very helpful answer to give! Below, I have put a timeline of what my team and I did at a recent wedding. Every wedding is unique and different, but I thought this would be a good example of what we can do for you!


The week of the wedding

We pick up any wedding items that are at your house so you don’t need to bring them to your ceremony rehearsal or your venue! We also are on site at your ceremony rehearsal to make sure that your family, bridal party, and ushers feel comfortable with their wedding day duties.


Wedding day!


8am- Access to Venue

Our team is on site when the doors open! We chat with the hair and makeup artists when they arrive to make sure the timing is squared away. A JDW team member will deliver your breakfast, steam bridesmaids dresses, and answer any lingering questions you may have. Meanwhile, I am downstairs with the rest of the team starting to place your personal decor pieces such as the guest book, card box, and welcome sign. We also set up the cocktail hour space during this time.


11am- Arrival of Other Vendors

I check in with each and every vendor to make sure that we all have the correct information. I count the bouquets and make sure all of your cupcake flavors are there. When your photographer and videographer arrive, I will hand off your invitation suite and other details items for them to shoot! This is when most pizza places open, aka when I call in your late night snack to assure it will be delivered on time!


1:30pm – First Look

A JDW team member tags along to all of your photos- from first look to family portraits right before the ceremony. They assist the photographer and videographer by holding your bouquet and veil when they’re not in the photo, and bring along our emergency kit that has just about any item you may need on your wedding day!


3:30pm- DJ Arrives

I will talk the DJ through any music cues in your ceremony, like when the unity candle is taking place. I will also go through all of the music choices for the night- from prelude to the last song- to make sure we are on the same page. At this time, our team changes from our set up clothes to our wedding clothes. I think it’s so important for our team to have a professional look while executing your big day!


4:30pm- Guest Arrival

As guests arrive, we help direct them towards the bathrooms, the card box, and answer any other questions they may have. About 10 minutes before your ceremony, I will come line the bridal party up, make sure the groomsmen put their phones on silent, and do last call for a bathroom break!


5pm- Ceremony

I will adjust your veil and train so it’s perfect for when you walk down the aisle. Our team observes your ceremony quietly in the back. After the ceremony, I bustle your dress so you can enjoy greeting your guests without anyone stepping on your train!


5:30pm- Cocktail Hour Begins, Flip Ceremony Space

As soon as guests are out of the ceremony space, we work with the florist, caterers, and venue to transform the space into the reception of your dreams! We place all of the linens, put out the desserts, and add all of the details that we talked about in our meetings together.


6:30pm- Invite Guests to be Seated

Once the flip is completed, we invite guests to be seated. Our team finds all of the members of your bridal party and gathers them for your grand march. Once your bridal party is all seated, I hand off the microphone to whoever is giving the welcome!


7:30pm- Speeches

Once every guest has an entrée in front of them, I go around and make sure every person giving a speech is ready and knows their order! I hand off the microphone between speeches to assure a smooth transition.


8pm- Special Dances

I make sure that your parents are close by, and whoever else is participating in the special dances! Once the dance floor is open, our team packs up your gifts, cards, and personal decor so that I can go deliver them to your house or hotel room. We replenish the dessert table, and make sure there is a place to put the late night snack when it arrives!


12am- Last Song, Wedding Over

Once your last song is over and your lights come up, I make sure you have a safe ride to your next destination. I hand out any tips you gave me to vendors as they leave. I grab any remaining items that need to be delivered to your house or hotel suite and make one more delivery run. Once every vendor is back on site for tear down, our team leaves!


I hope this shows how valuable a wedding planner can be on your wedding day! Interested in working with us? Contact us here or email me at to set up a complimentary consultation!


xo, Gabi


Photo by Amanda Nippoldt

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