Jan 27

When Should I Send Out My Wedding Invitations? And More Questions!

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You asked, and I’m answering! A few weeks ago, I posed this question on Instagram: what do YOU want to know about wedding planning? You guys asked such great questions! I thought I would answer a couple of the most popular ones here. Have a question that wasn’t answered? Check my Instagram stories for the next Q+A day!

Where should I expect to spend most of my budget?

I would say that most of my couples spend the largest chunks of their budget on catering/bar, venue, and floral. I would say that catering/bar is #1 by far, especially if you are wanting a plated meal and/or plan on hosting beverages for your guests! Obviously these costs can shift, some people splurge on an expensive photographer but DIY their flowers – it all depends on what YOU find most important!

When should I send out invitations, and when should I have my guests RSVP by?

You should send out your invites 6-8 weeks before your wedding! Make sure that you are not sending them out over a holiday weekend such as Labor Day or Memorial Day to avoid the influx of mail, or people being out of town. Make your RSVPs due at 5 weeks before your wedding, that way you are able to track down those final few guests before you need to send the final counts to your vendors!

Where is the one spot you tell couples NOT to go cheap?

Photography, photography, PHOTOGRAPHY!! This is the one piece of your wedding day you will have forever. For some families, these are the only nice photos they get with parents/siblings in their adult life. Having an experienced photographer will be the best money you spend on your wedding day. They can completely manipulate lighting and elements of a space that you may not be in love with to make you look MAGICAL.

Should we have a first look?

In the 100+ weddings I’ve been a part of, I can think of  maybe 10 where the couple did not have a first look. It is a wonderfully sweet tradition, but it can create a tighter timeline. For example, all of the photos you are taking with your new spouse will have to be taken during your cocktail hour, or during a break in the day’s events. I typically account for around 2 hours of photos when making a timeline for my couples. This is so that they’re able to enjoy the photos and not feel rushed! I find that most couples want to celebrate and have a few moments alone after their ceremony – not be pulled in the direction of the photographer! I recommend talking through options with your photographer if you are set on not seeing each other until the ceremony. I wrote a whole blog post about this a few weeks ago, check it out here!


That’s all for this week, folks! Can’t wait to answer more of your questions next month!

xo, gabi