Feb 25

5 Ways to Feel Comfortable In Front of the Camera On Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is here! This is a monumental day and you’ve hired a wedding photographer to ensure your beautiful memories are captured. I mean, you’re going to be taking the photos that will serve as your first family heirlooms and will likely be displayed at your grandkids wedding one day – how special is that?!

Hi, I’m Trish! A Minneapolis-based luxury wedding photographer. Through my years of experience, I’ve learned that although some people are naturals, most feel a little uneasy about posing in front of the camera. The good news is that there are several things you can do to help you look and feel your best during your time in front of the lens. These tips will boost your confidence and will allow your true personalities to shine through!

1. Do An Engagement Session

I’m a firm believer that everyone should do an engagement session with their wedding photographer. It’s a great way to become comfortable with your photographer, understand how they pose, and to practice before your big day! Once your session is over, let your photographer know which photos your favorites were and why! Sometimes couples feel more comfortable doing traditional posing, others like more joy-filled emotion. Everyone is different, and the engagement session is a great time to communicate your desires so that you get the final product that’s most reflective of you on your wedding day.

2. Schedule Plenty of Time

You’ll want to make sure you work with your photographer and planner to allow for plenty of time to get the shots you want. It might take a little time to warm up, let go of the stresses of the day and feel relaxed in front of the camera! You also don’t want to feel strapped for time. Communicate your priorities to your photographer and trust your team to build a logical timeline from there.

3. Schedule Portraits For After The Ceremony

You’re most likely going to be nervous before your wedding. But once the ceremony concludes you’ll find yourself more relaxed, you’ll be less concerned about your hair and dress looking pristine, and the FUN portraits really take place! Schedule time after the ceremony (bonus points if it’s at sunset!) to sneak away from your guests and capture “just married” photos.

4. Focus on Your Partner

It’s not about the perfect poses, perfect attire, or perfect anything. It’s about you and the love of your life sharing a joyous moment and capturing it, so you can cherish it for generations to come. Instead of overthinking poses, posture, or your smile, focus on your partner. Have fun together, share a kiss, shed a tear, and just enjoy your special day.

5. Trust Your Photographer

You’ve hired a pro for a reason! Trust their judgement and simply enjoy the moment. They will never lead you astray, so celebrate your day and your photographer will capture all the genuine emotion that follows!


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