Mar 2

The 5 Most Used Items in Our Emergency Kit

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On every wedding day, our team has emergency kits containing everything from fashion and beauty items, to things like band-aids and tape. You’d be surprised what we’ve accumulated – it’s like having our own personal Mary Poppins bag! Check out the five items I MUST have with me on every wedding day – you never know when you’ll need to make a quick fix!

1) Eyelash Glue

With all of the tears, sweat, and drinks that wedding days can bring, the corners of fake eyelashes tend to pop up. I always have a tube or two with me to make sure they stay in place!

2) Steamer

Have a bridesmaid with a wrinkly dress, or a groomsmen who didn’t iron his shirt? Have no fear, we have our handy dandy steamer! Wrinkly linens and clothing don’t have a chance 🙂 We can even steam your veil and wedding dress if need be! So so helpful to have, especially the morning of the wedding.

3) Static Guard

There is nothing worse than putting on a beautiful dress and have it shock you or cling to your legs. We carry the big cans of static guard with us to make sure that you and your bridal party are comfortable.

4) Safety Pins

If your bustle rips or comes loose, we can fix it. If your maid of honor’s dress is too long when she takes off her heels, we can create a makeshift hem. If a guest’s zipper breaks, we can help them fix it to avoid any fashion faux pas! Safety pins are MAGIC. That is all.

5) Lighters

If you see a candle go out, odds are you will see a JDW in 30 seconds or less to relight it! We always have multiples so we can light all of the candles in the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception as quickly as possible.

These are only a handful of the crazy useful items our team has with us on wedding day. I love being able to solve problems in a pinch!


xo, gabi