Mar 9

What Do I Bring to My Own Wedding?

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Recently, there has been one final question that I’ve been asked by Brides and Grooms alike – what do I even bring to my own wedding?!

I know it can be super overwhelming. Your vendors have all of your decor, your mom has your heirloom veil, and your maid of honor is bringing you that cute clutch she used at her wedding (hello something borrowed!). Here’s what you should make sure that you have on your wedding day:

Drivers License + Credit Card

If you learn nothing else from my blog, please remember this: you NEED your ID and credit card on your wedding day! Imagine taking a party bus to your favorite college bar during your cocktail hour, and not getting in because you don’t have your ID! As for the credit card, you never know if a vendor will need to take record of it, or if you decide to order more late night pizza! When I first started at the bottom of the totem pole in the industry, I saw many couples forget both of these, and since then I made a promise I would check in with my couples to make sure that they have both for their wedding day.

A Change of Shoes

This one is for all of my girls out there: I promise you, no matter how expensive your shoes are, or how much padding they have, you are going to want to rip those suckers off at some point! I always tell brides to pack another pair of shoes so that they aren’t walking around their dance floor barefoot, or stumbling into their hotel struggling to walk in the oh-so-cute but oh-so-impractical shoes that they’ve been wearing since 11am. We’ll make sure they get tucked away with the rest of your belongings – one less thing for you to worry about! 🙂


Newsflash: you’re going to be doing a LOT of kissing on your wedding day! To keep those lips your MUA perfected on point, have your maid of honor or wedding planner hold onto your lipstick. That way you won’t have splotchy lips in pictures or during your ceremony. Same goes for guys – nothing is worse than flaky lips on your wedding day, so have chapstick readily available!

Hotel Key

After a super long wedding day and making the trek to your hotel – imagine the horror of finding out you locked your hotel key IN your room. We’ve all done it at one point or another, but it’s 10x worse on your wedding day when you’re exhausted. Make sure its tucked away for safe keeping with your ID and credit card, and you’re good to go!


I know this was a quicker post, but I feel like this is very useful for couples that are in those final weeks of planning! Are there any other items you’re planning on bringing to your wedding, or items you did bring? Let us know on Instagram!


xo, gabi