Mar 23

How to Be Productive Working from Home

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In theory, working from home sounds like the best thing ever. You can have a RHONY marathon playing in the background, make whatever you want for lunch, and you can wear sweatpants all day. But… all of these amazing things can prevent you from doing what you’re actually supposed to be doing: working.

With COVID-19 making so many people work from home, I thought this would be the perfect time to share some work from home tips. I’ve been WFH for about 2 years now, and have learned so many helpful tips and tricks!

In the beginning, I would get distracted so so easily. It can be hard to hold yourself accountable when YOU are the only person who knows if you got your work done. I would spend all day on Friday hurrying to finish my to do list, which would have been very simple and manageable if I had not procrastinated all week!

Here are some lessons I learned that have REALLY helped me while working from home.

You will watch the episode of Vanderpump Rules playing in the background, even if you have seen in 27 times.

TV has become a big no-no for me while working from home. I was always getting drawn in to an episode and 40 minutes later I would realize that I hadn’t answer a single email. Not a good feeling at all! Now, I only listen to podcasts or music while working. I do love a lot of TV shows, so I will watch an episode while making breakfast or lunch as a clarity break. Bonus: it makes an even better reward once you have checked everything off your to-do list for that day!

If you don’t write it down, you most likely won’t do it.

When I first started my business, I would wake up with no direction for my day. As you can imagine, this made me feel very overwhelmed because I never knew what to start with. To hold myself accountable, I started planning out my days the night before. That way when I wake up, I know what I should be focused on. There is no better feeling than being able to check an item off of a list, so keeping a to-do list in my planner has also been extremely beneficial!

Structure is EVERYTHING.

Going off the last point, having direction and structure for your day is so important for your productivity. One big thing that has helped me is labelling my days. Every month I make a list of categories – some of mine for March are Team Training, Client Work, and Blogging. I then assign each category to a day or two each week. For example, I publish a blog every Monday, and brainstorm/write blogs on Wednesdays. This has really helped me in mapping out my weeks so I am prioritizing what really matters in my business!

You will wake up at 10am if you don’t set an alarm every day.

I used to think I was a night owl – turns out I just needed to get on a better schedule! I use the Bedtime feature on iPhone ever single day. At my designated bedtime, I get a notification that it’s time to wind down and my do not disturb automatically turns on. The alarm in the morning is super calming and I don’t jolt awake like I do with the traditional alarm noise. My current sleep schedule is 10pm-6am, but that bedtime is fluid and can change depending on what we have going on!

Set boundaries, or you won’t have any.

You do not need to be working 24/7. Let me repeat that for you: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WORKING 24/7! This one is still a challenge for me. I’ll get an email or text from a client at 9pm asking a simple question, and I’m learning to ignore it. Why? Because that one question can turn into 7 more, and suddenly it’s 11pm and you still haven’t showered or planned out the next day – oops! Think of it this way: if you have a question for a venue, or a bank, or a restaurant… they won’t answer it after business hours! It’s okay to get some work done during this time, but communicating with your clients at 10pm will set the expectation that you will be available at 10pm every day. Of course, choose hours that work best for you and your business, but know that it’s okay to not be available every hour of the day!


I hope that these lessons will help you, whether you work from home full time or part time! Now, I’m going to check this blog post off of my to-do list and move on to my next task 🙂

xo, gabi