Mar 30

Solving Your Timeline Troubles

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I recently made an Insta story asking my followers what their biggest questions are about wedding planning. I received SO many about timeline creation, and finding a good “flow” for your wedding day. Brides and Grooms – you are NOT alone! No one expects you to have the perfect timeline when this is something you have never done before.

Timing is literally everything on your wedding day! When there is too much timing built in, it causes the day (especially the morning) to feel long and boring at times! Too little of it, and you’ll feel pulled in a million different directions all day. I’m here to help make that timing smooth and effortless! Here are my three top tips on how to create timeline perfection.


Hair and Makeup

Start off your morning right by making sure everyone has time to get their hair and makeup done. If you are hiring professional hair and makeup artists, ask them how long it takes for their usual hair style or makeup application. Typically, it’s around 45 minutes for each service. If you have more than 6 people getting ready with you, I would recommend hiring at least one more hair or makeup artist to make the morning not feel as long! For a recent wedding, adding another hair stylist made the bridal party arrival time 9:00am instead of 7:30am! Doesn’t that sound so much nicer? You would be able to get in a yoga class, or catch a few extra hours of sleep (you’ll thank me later)!



A common misconception I see is couples over – or under – estimating the time that will be needed for photos! If you have an amazing photographer, you won’t need hours upon hours to get those perfect shots. Here’s how much time you should allocate to keep everyone happy:

Bride and Groom

One hour. This includes some wiggle room if getting ready takes a little longer than anticipated. This also allocates for first look timing, and allows you to take in the moment with your person!

Bridal Party

30-45 mins. Come with a shot list! Your photographer will be able to knock these out, especially because there will be a JDW team member there making sure everything is on lock.


30 minutes. Super quick and easy. Tip: do these last so your grandma isn’t stuck at the venue with nothing to do for hours!

2 hours(ish)? So easy peasy.



I’ve found that the best time to start speeches is once the last guest table receives their meals. There will be no servers clanking dishes, and people won’t be distracted and impatient while waiting for their food. All attention will be on you and your loved ones! Now, if you have more than the “traditional” maid/matron of honor, best man, and father of the bride speaking,  you may want to do a speech or two after the salads are served to space them out.


At Joyful Day Weddings, we create a purposeful and unique timeline for each of our couples. If you want more tips like these, reach out to us here to schedule a consultation! We can’t wait to help relieve all of your wedding day stresses.


xo, gabi