May 11

Five Unbelievable Perks of Working with a Wedding Invitation Designer

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Today on the blog: a guest post from my dear friend Hannah of Hannah Marie Calligraphy!


She lit a candle, poured a glass of pinot, and opened up her MacBook as she cuddled up next to her fur baby! She was SO excited to spend the rest of the evening picking out their perfect wedding invitations!

But, after hours and hours of endlessly scrolling through invitations on the internet, she only ended up nitpicking!

Nothing seemed to stand out or truly capture her vision for their wedding. Everything was just so generic and she couldn’t seem to find the one!

She tossed her laptop aside in exhaustion and went to drown her frustrations in another glass of wine…

And this, my friend, is sadly how most brides end up feeling about wedding invitations.

Invitations just end up being yet another tedious wedding task that just causes even more decision fatigue…


As past brides have told me, they can be one of the best and most exciting parts of wedding planning!


Well, here are five unbelievable perks of working with a custom invitation designer!

1. Invitations that truly capture you and your wedding vision Invitations can be so much more than a pretty piece of paper, my friend. They should capture your relationship and your personal style. And with custom invitations, that’s what we do! Before I design anything, I get those special details like how you first met and where you had your first date. Then I sprinkle those personal memories into your wedding vision and presto! Unbelievably personal, meaningful wedding invitations that truly set the tone of your wedding!

2. Invitations your guests won’t throw away!
And all the brides said, “Amen!” I hear it constantly! “Why waste the money when they’ll just end up in the trash?” But here’s the thing! 75% of people have kept invitations from a wedding they previously attended! Shoot, I’ve even heard stories of guests framing the invitations after the wedding! So yes, those generic, boring invites will likely get thrown away. But personal invites will be one of the only keepsakes from your wedding that your guests will hold onto for a lifetime!

3. Save yourself 3+ months of headache and frustration!
This is the average amount of time brides waste sifting through endless websites looking for invitations before finally setting for one that’s “close enough.” Time you should be spending with your fiancé on a date night or cheersing with your girl squad! You got better things to do than worry and stress about invitations. So let a pro save you time by bringing the perfect design to you, so you don’t have to miss out on being fully present and enjoying every moment of your engagement!

4. Say buh-bye to doubt and second guessing!
It’s bad enough having to settle for sub-par invitations. Not to mention all the horror stories once they finally arrive: colors looking nothing like they did on the internet, forgetting to include an rsvp date, poor quality of paper, and the list goes on. When you work with a professional stationer, you get their years of experience with invitation etiquette, invitation wording, and knowledge of paper quality. No more doubting or second guessing! Only confidence like my past bride, who said “our invitations exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t wait to send them to our guests!”

5. More fun than you should be allowed to have with paper!
Their words, not mine! Seriously, brides have told me working with an invitation designer was one of the best parts of wedding planning! Remember that giddiness and excitement you had as a child on Christmas morning? Well, that’s the same feeling you get when that “Custom invitation proof is ready!” email arrives! One of my past couples told me, “It was a super fun process! We loved how we were able to relive all those special memories together! This really helped us remember what this day is truly

So, if you’re ready to say “yes!” to fun and exciting, email me at hello@hannahmariecalligraphy to start
the custom invitation process. Or if you just have questions about wedding paper, I would love to help!

Here’s to your amazing wedding day and an even more amazing marriage!