Apr 1

2022 Wedding Boom

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As you’ve probably heard 2022 is a big year for weddings! People are ready to get back out on those dance floors and enjoy spending a special day with friends and family. There is an estimated 2.4 million weddings this year, the most since 1984. We are honored to be part of some of those and get to help our clients relax and enjoy their wedding day in a year when everything else seems to be so stressful!

With this year being crazy busy for the wedding industry I’ve decided to include some helpful tips, hints, and information to help all of you brides (and grooms) trying to keep your composure and get everything done in time!


I cannot stress this enough! Most of our clients this year are back to the regular scheduled programs of their everyday lives and, unlike the slow pace of the last two years, things are booking up quickly and multiple vendors are still dealing with COVID postponement clients. This means that there are a lot less available dates for your top vendors and choices. This is the number one thing I tell our new clients to jump on and get out ahead in their planning journey! Your venue should be the top priority this year, and in general. The venue of your wedding sets the tone for your entire day. You want to feel the magic and envision yourself standing in front of all of your guests getting married, whether that’s a classic rustic farm (maybe with a few goats), in the middle of your favorite city, or right on Lake Minnetonka! Find a place that makes you feel confident and excited to start your new life together!

Next thing up is your photographer. Finding the right photographer is extremely important because this person is the one who will make you come alive and highlight you and your partner on one of the best days of your lives! Most package options from a photographer include an engagement shoot which will help you get to know one another and really feel comfy with them on your wedding day. To choose the best option for you, think about what styles you like and what kind of photos you want to be able to show your grandkids. Each photographer has a different editing and shooting style. My best recommendation to find someone you are going to love, is reaching out to friends whose pictures you’ve loved, or looking at tagged instagram photos. While Pinterest is a great tool for design and decor, finding real examples can be difficult with wedding styles and trends constantly changing.

After getting these important vendors locked in, I recommend finding a planner. Hey, that’s where we come in! Hiring a planner early on in the process can be extremely helpful with the organization during the rest of your planning. Side note: if you want a full planning experience, this should be the first vendor you choose to hire. Wedding planners will help you organize your budget, if needed, have multiple additional vendor recommendations, pull together your timeline, and be your sounding board for all things wedding related. Having a wedding planner there on the day of your wedding ensures that you can focus on the actual day and not have to worry about Aunt Karen drinking too much wine or where your grandma’s wedding photo went at the end of the night. JDW focuses mainly on making your big day unique to you. We aren’t concerned about the biggest budget, or the most instagrammable moments (although those things add some fun to planning), we are not looking for a client to fit a certain vibe. We know that this is your day and we focus on making sure your wedding is memorable and highlighting the things that are important to you as a couple. All of my friends, past clients, and other vendors say that the best thing they’ve ever done is have a planner to coordinate their wedding with them!

After the big three are hired it’s time to get down to the details! This includes videography, decor, floral, paper goods, hair and makeup, and your party music! These vendors, in an average season, can wait until you have gotten further along in the planning process but this year you’re going to want to jump on your favorites earlier than you may expect. While there are many, many options for these types of vendors, it is important to find the ones you love and not have to worry about compromising because they are already booked. The best way to choose with these detail vendors is to decide on an overall aesthetic for your wedding day and build from there. All of these people will help your day look and feel cohesive in photos, through the little personalized details, and for your guests!


This is important when planning a wedding. I cannot tell you how many couples come to us thinking they could do it all and finally realize they can’t! It is not a defeat or a negative thing to need help on your wedding day. Wedding’s are a big deal and it takes a village to pull one off. Whether it’s hiring a planner, giving your bridesmaids specific tasks (don’t ask groomsmen, it probably won’t happen… sorry guys), or having a wedding host assigned to manage small, details it’s important to make sure you have the support and help throughout the entire planning process. This will help take the pressure off of you and your partner so you can enjoy every moment from engagement to I Do’s. 2022 is a the year where things are getting back to normal. You are no longer working from home every day, you are not worried about being furloughed as the world shuts down, and you’ve raised your pandemic puppy to finally be a little bit more social. With all of that comes a lot of extra things on your plate and trying to plan a wedding by yourself does not need to be one of them!


As cliché as this is, Pinterest is a great place to bring out your style and design for your wedding day. Even though Pinterest is Instagram on steroids, it is an awesome tool to help you see everything you want and to help those involved in your wedding planning know exactly what you’re looking for. 2022 is a year where anything and everything is on the table for weddings so log into Pinterest, find some fun ideas, and build lots of boards! Also, don’t forget to share that link!

Even though 2022 is a crazy year, the wedding industry is here to make it fun, exciting, and unique! So let’s get planning and make your dream day come true!